During my soaking time, I meet a lady and her daughter, where I learn about Dawson Creek and the top of the world road going into Alaska. That convinced me, the day I feel all alone on the earth. :)  I stop for a break, sit around with some other motorcycle riders, there are a lot out there, and find out they are from San Diego, my home town. So we connect as great friends, talk and go on our way. Well, I keep running into them through out the day. The one guy offers a shower to me, at his hotel room if I want one. Later in the day, I have lunch with the one guy. Everytime expecting to never see them again, but I do. The day is long and my body aches, so I decide to stay at a hotel too. I drive up and see the guys and their motorcycles.  We laugh and joke about me being a stalker. Later on there is a knock on my door and I'm invited out with them. I clean up, a little lipstick goes a long way, and meet them and have a glass of wine. We laugh and have a great time. Later, in my room, I eat some soup and soak in the tub. I crawl into bed, look at my watch, and it's 1:15am! Shocking, since it looked as if it was 7pm. I sleep like a rock and here I am...staying another night in this amazing place on top of the world.

By the way, at the bar with the boys, I see the ladies I soaked with the day before. There aren't many people up here. I bought a bumper sticker today, it says: "We're here because we're not all there"

My first campground, where I am afraid to sleep in my tent, is very rugged indeed. I feel like I'm camping in the woods with nothing around me, and that's not far from the truth, except I'm on the out skirts of Lake Watson, Yukon. I camp around people to give me courage and in the morning everyone is gone! I walk around collecting firewood and before long other people start showing up. That night, very late, I wake up to sounds of breaking branches and all the hairs on my arms stand on end. I think they call that fear. I grab my air horn and I'm prepared to sound off. Then I realize it's probably a man on his way to the bathroom. It takes awhile to relax my heart, before falling asleep again. 

‚ÄčThe next stop is a hot springs campground. I dream about it all day, because I need it so badly. I get there to find it cost more than I want to spend, but I need it so much I bite the bullet. Come to find out I have to pay to soak also. I wait till the next day so I can soak more than once. The campground itself is the worse yet, and I just want to block it out. The water, on the other hand, feels good. It feels like a warm/hot bath. Two hours later I get out and attempt to wash my hair, it won't even suds up! I wash with their soap and it works better, but still isn't good. I don't know what is in that water, but my hair still isn't right. Hopefully in the morning , after a good wash, my hair will move normally again. 

I keep running into people asking if I went to the Laird hot springs, again bummed that I missed a good one. Then remember...I can stop there on the way back. Yes!

Dawson City, Yukon Canada

Tomorrow I'll be crossing this river on a ferry to continue my drive into Alaska

I have to think back to where I was, for time just seems to blend in from day to day. I drove along the Alaska Highway starting at Dawson Creek. I was so excited to see land I've never seen before. I entered the Northern Rockies where I drove along trees and the mountains, every turn was different. I saw lots of wildlife...Bears, Bison, sheep, porcupines, moose (and a baby), mountain goats. It was awesome. Since then I've only seen a fox. bummer. Of course I'm happy I haven't seen a bear while camping. When I first got into the Yukon, and found a campground, I was scared. I wondered if I should sleep in my car. I walked around and spoke with people about my fears, and soon I felt at ease. I set up my tent, which I can do in 30 minutes now, and got settled. I was camping at a government campground, since Yukon is a territory, for $12. a night. I always stay a minimum of 2 nights so I have a day to recover. Right now I need a week. I'm beginning to wonder if I can do this, physically. I'm listening to my body that says STOP, but I have to get into Fairbanks to get my medications. I'm going to have to push a little tomorrow, because I'm staying another night here at this hotel that's been around for hundreds of years. I'm in love with this place. The roads are dirt and flat enough for me to get around easily. The people continue to be great, so friendly and accepting. 

Tomorrow I drive the top of the world road. It's 100 miles of gravel to get to the border. It hasn't been open long, and I'll need to go slowly.  Another 4 hours or so to Fairbanks after that. 

...............................................Alaska Highway...........................................

This is my hotel. The wooden walkways and construction overall...I can feel and sense the years of living within the walls.

I've never been to a place like this. I'm amazed and feel like I've stepped back in time