Perth ON Canada

I drove through this town 5 years ago, and thought then that next time I would walk around that cute place...and I did. Very pretty historical place. They are known for keeping their old buildings charm, converting some of them into apartments.  I walked around this park where there were many people enjoying the day. So pretty. I walked for a couple of hours then headed back to camp. I've been doing a lot and happily my pain has not been showing it's ugly head. God willing the pain will be "good" for the entire trip.

Can't stop dreaming about Alaska...

Today's date is May 29th 2018

It's been two weeks since I've been on the road in my little speedster. Everything is going as planned, yes I'm tired, beat up, my hair is whiter, and I'm sleep deprived but extremely happy. The first two weeks are always the hardest, and they definitely have been challenging. Once I awoke to some pretty bad pain in my knee and my back, which happens, so I stay put for a couple extra days and love it. It was exactly what I needed, but then it happened again and that's why I'm typing this in a luxury motel, NOT. I have to stand on my bed to reach the AC, the TV goes in and out, but considering I've been sleeping in the dirt, it's not too bad. Actually I think I prefer the dirt. I've been in pain my whole life, so I'm just stating a fact. Anyway, I'm almost out of Ontario and have driven about 2000 miles. I did not expect the warm weather at all, I was planning on wearing all my new wool clothes that I made just for this trip, but there's hope. 

I've met some great people along the way. A couple from Nova Scotia, who invited me to their home if I happen to be in the area. We sat around and enjoyed a glass of wine together, talked trees and birds, knives because I wear one on my hip and he found that cool. Margo and I connected and I'm sure to see her again. I met a lady in the bathroom who is on her way to Alaska also, and we hope to run into each other there, though I'm sure by the time I get there they will be home. I met a couple from Quebec who were very good to me, we have a lot in common. I guess we are all alike, we love nature and it goes from there. Then I met a young German gal whose riding her bicycle to San Francisco. Can you imagine? We both were looking for water and were headed to the closes small city. I gave her the last of my water, which was only two cups maybe, but she needed it more than me that's for sure.  I actually saw her a couple of times riding along.  She has a long way to go.  I told her we were both determined Germans, and that made her smile. 

I came across much wildlife along the road. A red fox, a Great Blue Herring fishing and also four in flight, a young bear eating something, a deer, many Ravens who are very cool, well I could go on and on, which I did in a poem that I might post. I've been keeping up on my journal, which I always hope to put into a book, but don't. Maybe a book of poetry would be more probable. I also read a lot, and lately I've gotten back into Edgar Allen Poe. I read much of his work in college, but see it in a new light now that I'm old and grey. One of the things that I thought about today while driving, was who I left behind when I headed out for my dream, and how it affects them. I honestly think of myself, that doesn't sound good, but when it comes to planning this trip my focus was on what I needed to do to make it happen. I spoke to my very good friend this morning and he mentioned how he's tired of being alone and misses me and how I can turn around and come back home. I found his words very touching and sweet, and then it got me thinking. How we need to support each other and their dreams, and, well how selfish I am. I left my parents several times along the way, because I was looking for where I belonged in the world and where I could find happiness. Well unless you have good communication skills, you just don't know what people are thinking, except angry etc. Then I say something like, well I'm doing what I need to do. Life is difficult at best. This morning I'm lying in my tent thinking about the day and how I wish I could get more sleep. Then I started thinking about my family and where we are all now. I say out loud, here I am sleeping in a tent alone and I laugh. Later that laughter turned to sadness. I think, I don't know why I do what I do, it's just an inner need of mine. One of the reasons I love Canada so much is their ability to be real, to talk about things that matter. There was this man working in the park, I walk past and say "Hi, what you doin'?" He tells me and then we get to talking about bears and since they, the government, took away the bear lottery, basically the right to kill bears, the bear population increased and his family apple orchard was hurt hard by the bears killing their trees. I asked "what happened?" He says to me, "I hate to say this, but we shot a lot of them." What a private thing to say to a stranger you know? Then his partner shows up and we start talking about drugs and the affect on society, heavy right? His partner just blurts out, "I'm an alcoholic." I'm kinda shocked and I'm a very open person. I say, "oh really?" He tells me how he's been clean for 32 years and how he woke up in a ditch one day, literally, and how that changed him after that. See what I mean? So I tell them, which you may not know, that I was born with a rare disease that the researchers believe was caused by pesticides. They were amazed by me. I think one opens up leads to another.  I walk into a small independent grocery store and start talking to this gal about peaches. She says, "you look lost." I tell her this is my first time here, and how I was looking at the price of peaches, $8. a pound incase you're interested. She says, "excuse my English, but F that." Next thing you know she's asking the lady who works there and we talk prices. The entire time I'm there I feel like I belong, like these people care about me. I don't know, I could go on and on, but what I'm trying to say is how we are all on this planet together. We just need to care about each other, and I think Canadian have it. Sorry to go on about this, but traveling alone brings out the sensitive side of me, which I am. Being alone I need to rely on strangers and after we talk it seems we aren't strangers anymore. If you are reading this, I hope you know how much you mean to me. I care about you more than I've cared for anyone in a very long time. Thanks for being my friend. Love you.

I will be in Manitoba tomorrow. I'm sad to be leaving Ontario, but I have to get to Alaska!  I will post again when I get the opportunity. See you then.

I am home from Alaska!  (please note I have several pages posted)

Was in Alaska for two and a half months. Drove there in 33 days.  I was excited and achy most of my trip, but I didn't expect that to not be the case, you know? I do love traveling and being in nature... Thanks to all of you who enjoyed the journey and beauty right beside me.    Special shout out to the men in my life who gave me their support from the very beginning, when Alaska was just a dream.

                                                                      enjoy!​  tau

Silent Lake ON Canada

Victoria holiday is a big weekend for Canadians, and thankfully the weather was nice. I camped here for 3 nights and it rained one day and night. The rain does make the day a bit long, because, well I'm trying to stay dry and warm. At one point I crawled into my bag just to warm up. That didn't last long so I went for a drive. I've had this cold and it keeps hangin on, so I stopped and got some phlegm be gone's worked! Hopefully soon it will be completely gone. I'm feeling good though...happy camper!

I do love animals and that morning I caught this Canada geese looking for its mate.

Murphy Point ON Canada

My first campground was quiet, for there were only a handful of us campers. I was the only tent. I've heard many times how people used to use a tent and how they are too old to do that anymore...I just can't give it up. I love sleeping in a tent and I sleep well. 

There was one problem though, my second night there had been reserved for 5 months. I had been walking around Perth, enjoying the day, and when I get back there was a couple waiting for me because I was in their spot!  My first thought was having to take my tent down and back up. It was all too much. And the park was empty! The ranger convinced them to sleep in their trailer at a different spot for the night. What a relief! I woke up early and beat feet...

Took a much needed break at a "cozy" motel, refreshed I took a morning hike before I hit the road. Ontario Provincial Parks are extremely beautiful, however the cost are just outrageous! 

                                                 and behind the falls...

If you have any questions or are curious about anything, let me know and I'll answer.

My next site was quite special. I sat right on a lake and most of the time I was the only one in the park. Not too bad eh?  Each morning the Raven woke me when attempting to steel the white throated sparrow's eggs.  It gave me the opportunity to view the love loons, who blessed me each morning. Then the beaver went to work... 

My next I lucky or what? AND I could hear the falls from my campsite.  It's amazing how light it stays out.  At 10pm I was sitting outside in my cute scort outfit, yeah, I'm cool.

                              Driving to my next destination and what a pretty day.        It may take forever to drive through Ontario, but with beauty like this who cares?  

Traveling is a passion of mine and I want to thank everyone for their support. I've gotten many cards full of love and encouragement, and that really blows me away. Makes me feel like I belong in my little city. Thank you. There are 5 special people who realize how important my traveling is to me, physically and spiritually.  My dad, my guys Pete and Dee, and my good friends Henrietta and Richard.  I could not be driving to Alaska without their help.  BIG thank you goes out to them. How did I get so lucky?

Naturally blending into nature...Alaska


A complete view of the falls...

One of Ontario's tourist center boast a native artist's work of a huge Canada Goose.........................then turn around and one sees route 17 cut away through Ontario's Mother nature

Isn't this bug cool??? Was he munching on my shirt? I still like him...

        A view of my private campsite. I drew the long straw...yes!

Lake Superior's water is crystal clear, and btw there were glaciers along the coastline!